Xi Training Ltd is latest training provider to deliver new Rooftop Worker Scheme

Xi Training is pleased to announce it is now an approved training provider for the new Rooftop Worker Scheme from the Energy & Utility Skills Register (EUSR), taking safety standards to new heights by ensuring those required to access flat rooftops are trained to do so safely.

Suitable for those who need to undertake jobs at heights of three metres and above, the Rooftop Worker Scheme has been designed not just for individuals that need to climb masts and towers, but any industry role that requires working at height on a flat roof.

Falls are still the leading cause of fatal workplace injuries in the UK. In the latest Health & Safety Executive report, a total of 123 workers were killed in work-related accidents in Great Britain in 2021/22, with the most common reason being falls from a height, which led to 29 deaths - almost a quarter of all work-related accidents.

The new Rooftop Worker Scheme aims to address this issue, by equipping professionals with the knowledge and skills to confidently stay safe while working at height. By demonstrating how to minimise potential hazards, assess risks, and understand the latest legislation and safety standards, the scheme seeks to provide vital protection to rooftop workers.


Organisations are encouraged to view completing the Rooftop Worker Scheme as an important step in protecting their employees, which they have a duty of care to do, and in order to comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act and the Work at Height Regulations 2005. Should an incident occur, this will also help protect brand reputation, by illustrating reasonable steps have been made to ensure a worker’s safety.

With the fast growth of solar and 5G, having employees meet this standard also ensures organisations are ready to fulfil these market opportunities - safely and securely.

Created by EUSR and the Mast and Tower Safety (MATS) Group, once qualified an individual will receive a Rooftop Worker EUSR registration, so they can quickly and easily demonstrate they’ve gained the required training to site managers.

The Rooftop Worker EUSR registration then lasts for a total of three years.

We are proud to be an approved training provider for the new Rooftop Worker Scheme, which provides essential best practice guidance on how to stay safe when working at height. Developed by both EUSR, the register of training and skills for the energy and utilities sector, and the MATS Group, which consists of organisations that own or manage masts, towers or any other structure where there are significant work at height hazards, the scheme is setting the standard on how rooftop workers can remain safe when completing projects.


Register to undertake the Rooftop Worker Scheme with us by visiting www.xitraining.co.uk/course/162-mats-eusr-rooftop-worker